man on stage with red nissan altima

2019 Nissan Altima debuts at New York International Auto Show

The Altima is Nissan’s flagship sedan and it has been one of the automaker’s most popular and successful vehicles for years. At the recent New York International Auto Show, Nissan unveiled its newest version of the Altima, and we now know that it is coming with a redesign. We also know that a new engine option will be available to drivers, which is something that has been wanted for a while. Keep reading and we will go over a few announcements about the 2019 Nissan Altima. Read the rest of this entry >>

gray infiniti qx50 by water

2019 INFINITI QX50 design features

If you have spent just a short time around INFINITI vehicles, you should know that they are among the most luxurious and beautiful cars and SUVs in their respective classes. The 2019 INFINITI QX50 was recently announced and it is more stunning than ever before. Not only does it epitomize what we love about luxury crossovers, it is as practical and versatile as possible. Continue reading to learn more about the 2019 INFINITI QX50’s design and style.  Read the rest of this entry >>

red nissan kicks parked

2018 Nissan Kicks technology features

We have been talking about the Nissan Kicks for a little while. By now, you may know that it is the newest vehicle in the Nissan lineup. You might also know that it is the replacement of the Nissan JUKE. The JUKE, while versatile and practical, had become outdated in its design. The contemporary Kicks has a much smoother look, inside and out. We are expecting the Kicks to arrive at our dealership by the end of June and we’re eagerly awaiting it. We have talked a little bit about it in this blog, so let’s keep that going. Keep reading to learn more about its technology features.  Read the rest of this entry >>

yellow nissan 370z driving

2018 Nissan 370Z performance

Nissan is no stranger to high performing sports cars. The 370Z is a two-door coupe that epitomizes everything we love about modern sports and performance cars. It has its signature, curved body, unique headlamps, and comfortable yet compact interior. But how do we really measure the quality of a sports car? Well, how do we measure the quality of almost every car? By what’s under the hood. When you sit down behind the wheel of a small, sporty coupe, you expect it to be fast and have great handling. Keep reading to learn what can be found under the 2018 370Z’s hood.  Read the rest of this entry >>

two men working under a car

INFINITI named top Luxury brand in J.D. Power service satisfaction survey 

In a post published by Automotive News, INFINITI is described as having “unseated Lexus as the top luxury brand… in J.D. Power’s annual scorecard of satisfaction with dealership service departments.” The score earned by INFINITI was 876/1,000, which was raised by 15 points from last year’s survey. The numbers were taken in and released by the U.S. Service Index Study. This great news got us thinking—it’s about time we highlight what the service staff here at INFINITI Guam can do for you. Keep reading to learn more.  Read the rest of this entry >>

two men at a desk at a car dealership

Ways you can lower your INFINITI’s car insurance

Luxury cars generally come with higher insurance premiums. This is because they are more expensive and usually cost more to repair or replace. INFINITI vehicles are among the best of their kind, but drivers could get annoyed with higher insurance rates. Like with everything, there are things you can do to control your insurance rates, to some extent. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to save money on car insurance. Read the rest of this entry >>

dark orange nissan murano on dirt road

What is the ideal family trip vehicle?

Are you thinking about taking the family on a trip? Well, the island of Guam isn’t exactly a mammoth nation, that doesn’t mean you can’t pack up for a short road trip. Nissan offers several SUV and crossover models that are perfect for family trips. One model, in particular, was recently recognized for being a “great ride for spring break road trips.” Keep reading to learn more.  Read the rest of this entry >>

red nissan murano in shadows

2018 Nissan Murano cargo capacity

The Nissan Murano is somewhat of the unsung hero in Nissan’s crossover lineup. This luxurious SUV is larger than the Rogue and it offers a more exquisite interior and style. Like all SUVs, the Murano is not exempt from expectations of cargo capacities. Why do we love SUVs so much? Because we can fit more inside of them than traditional sedans or hatchbacks. Keep reading to learn more about the interior space of the 2018 Murano. Read the rest of this entry >>

infiniti logo on grille

Reasons to buy a luxury car 

Luxury cars, sometimes called ‘executive’ cars, are coveted by people everywhere. It’s human nature to desire high-quality items and that rings especially true for cars. People love their cars, and people who drive high-end cars love them even more. Maybe you have never driven an executive car. INFINITI offers a whole lineup of first-class vehicles, so let’s go over some reasons why you should consider getting one for yourself. Read the rest of this entry >>

dark orange nissan kicks driving

2018 Nissan Kicks performance specs 

The Kicks? Hold up. What is the Kicks? Well, the Nissan Kicks is the newest addition to the lineup and it is taking the place of the Nissan JUKE. Yes, the newest Nissan is a crossover SUV that improves upon its predecessor’s design and style. The JUKE was a reliable, popular SUV, but the Kicks has a more contemporary appearance that may be appealing to a wider range of drivers. It’s not all about looks, though. Let’s explore what’s under the hood of the all-new Nissan Kicks. Read the rest of this entry >>