left side of silver infiniti driving in city

2019 INFINITI Q70 luxury features

Anyone familiar with the INFINITI brand knows that these vehicles are all about luxury, class, and sophistication. The Q70, in particular, encompasses all of that on a larger scale. As one of the largest INFINITI sedans, the Q70 epitomizes comfort and high class. Luxury car shoppers are generally more concerned with the little things, and the Q70 is full of them. See what we mean below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver 2018 Nissan Versa parked on waterfront

2018 Nissan Versa fuel economy

Perhaps the most important factor that shoppers look into when it comes to buying a car is fuel efficiency. That is especially true with economy cars that aren’t meant to be glamorous. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a car that doesn’t necessarily come with tons of features, you want it to at least save you some money at the gas pumps. That’s where the Nissan Versa comes in.  Read the rest of this entry >>

front right tire of red nissan altima

What is the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System?

Have you tried to put air in your car’s tires? If you have owned a car for more than a year or two and your answer was “no,” you might be a liar. Every car owner needs to fill their tires at some point or another. Without the right tire pressure machine, it can be a lot of guesswork. Well, Nissan has recognized that problem and is working to solve it by introducing the Easy-Fill Tire Alert System. Learn about how it works below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

people standing in front of dealership with big checks

Nissan Guam Flag Run Raises $21,000 

Earlier this month, we hosted our annual 7.5K/2K flag run! We are as dedicated to serving our community as anyone else, and that’s exactly what our flag run is meant to do. This year, we were able to raise $21,000 that will be benefiting various local organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters Guam, Catholic Social Services, and Guam Girl Scouts. Learn about results of the race and more below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

colorful ice cream in glass dishes

Ice cream shops on Guam 

We won’t ever tell anyone that there is a bad time for ice cream. No matter what time of year or time of day, ice cream is a perfect treat. Perhaps the best time for ice cream, though, is now. The hottest months of the always-hot year are here, so cool down with some delicious dairy treats. Check out some of our favorite ice cream shops on Guam below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

apple car play monitor vs android auto monitor

Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto 

You have likely heard all about the infotainment programs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They are both innovative, modern marvels of automotive technology that keep us informed and entertained. They both do so by connecting to your compatible smartphone. Each system can access certain applications from your phone and display them on your car’s front monitor. Keep reading to learn more about each program.  Read the rest of this entry >>

air conditioning dial

How does Freon work in a car’s air conditioning system? 

You have likely heard of Freon. And you have probably been told that Freon is largely responsible for your air conditioning system to work properly. Have you ever turned on the A/C only to feel hot or warm air coming out? That could likely be explained by a low amount of Freon. Freon is actually the name of a product made by the Chemours Company. It is a chemical component that is used to keep things cool. Keep reading to learn how it keeps your car cool on a hot day.  Read the rest of this entry >>