2020 Infiniti Q60 red exterior driver side

How Stylish is the 2020 INFINITI Q60?

2020 INFINITI Q60 Exterior and Interior Design Features

Style is what makes every vehicle unique. It’s the first thing we notice about a vehicle and what’s makes us do more research. Due to the style being the first thing people notice, it needs to capture and pull them in. One vehicle that does that is the 2020 INFINITI Q60. The bold and sophisticated design of this coupe will make you want to buy this vehicle just based on its style. Keep reading for the exterior and interior design features of the 2020 INFINITI Q60.

2020 Infiniti Q60 red exterior front driver side parkedBold Exterior Design

Walking up to the INFINITI Q60, you’ll first notice its bold presence. The body is low and wide which creates a powerful and demanding presence. Intensifying this stance are curves, creases, and lines across the entire body. The headlights shaped like eyes and the double-arch grille help add the signature INFINITI touch. Not only does the design provide this coupe with its bold style, but it also improves the driving experience. The aerodynamic body design helps keep the INFINITI Q60 stable even at high speeds and strong cross-wind conditions.

Sophisticated Interior Design

Stepping inside the 2020 INFINITI Q60, the enrapturing style continues. However, instead of bold design, the interior has a sophisticated design to make you feel comfortable. You have the option to choose between Brushed Aluminum trim or Black Carbon Fiber trim accents. These trims against the leather seating show off the modern craftsmanship of the interior. On the seating and doors, the tighter stitching creates a more dynamic presence. The sport seat design help provide that classic sports car style while providing superb comfort. The steering wheel also has thumb grips and paddle shifters for the optimal driving experience.

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2020 INFINITI Q60 in Guam

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