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white infiniti q inspiration in desert

INFINITI concept car redefines beauty 

Those who have shopped around any INFINITI dealership know that the automaker is certainly no stranger to innovative design features. Each of INFINITI’s models have specific design perks that make them stand out. Inside and out, INFINITI vehicles are in a class of their own. That can all be said, especially so, for the concept Q Inspiration. If you haven’t heard of INFINITI’s newest concept car, strap in. This vehicle is something special.  Read the rest of this entry >>

What is the INFINITI Project Black S Concept Coupe Car?

INFINITI Project Black S Debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

What is the INFINITI Project Black S Concept Coupe Car?

Last month, INFINITI debuted its latest concept coupe car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show – the INFINITI Project Black S? Of course, this begs the question, “What is the new INFINITI Project Black S concept coupe car?” Well, with innovation etched into every single inch of the Black S, this coupe expected to perform like none other. In fact, there is no car on the road today with the level of innovative engineering and technology that the Black S possesses. Want to learn even more? Don’t worry, we’re only getting started. Read the rest of this entry >>