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man leaning against car on side of road hood open calling for help

What Do I Do When My Vehicle Starts to Overheat?

Imagine this. You’re driving down a road when suddenly, you start to see smoke coming out of your hood. You look at your instrument cluster and notice that the needle on the temperature gauge is past the normal level. A strange smell is also starting to emit from the engine. Your vehicle is overheating. You might be wondering, “What do I do when my vehicle starts to overheat?” In this post, we are going to teach you what to do and how to prevent your vehicle from overheating. Keep reading to start learning.

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two rows of tires standing up staggered

Where Can I Get My Tires Rotated and Balanced in Guam?

Tire Rotation and Balance Service at Nissan/INFINITI Guam in Tamuning, Guam

There are many parts in our vehicles that require regular maintenance so that they run efficiently. This includes oil changes, transmission flushes, and brake replacement. Another important part of your vehicle is your tires. That’s why it is important to get them rotated and balanced every 7,000 miles. Keeping your tires properly rotated and balanced will help ensure that they have a long life.

You might be wondering where you can get this service done. Lucky for you, we offer tire rotation and balance services at Nissan/INFINITI Guam right here in Tamuning, Guam. Keep reading for warning signs that your tires need to be rotated or balanced.

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Closeup view of the instrument panel inside a Nissan Vehicle

What Do the Warning Lights in My Nissan Vehicle Mean?

Warning Lights in Your Nissan Vehicle

Are you trying to learn more about the warning lights inside your Nissan vehicle? If so, then you have come to the right place! The staff here at Nissan Guam is here to help educate their customers on what the warning lights inside Nissan vehicles mean. Your Nissan vehicle’s warning lights could simply indicate that a certain feature is active or, in some cases, indicate there is a significant issue with the vehicle. Let’s explore what these warning lights mean together! Read the rest of this entry >>

front right tire of red nissan altima

What is the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System?

Have you tried to put air in your car’s tires? If you have owned a car for more than a year or two and your answer was “no,” you might be a liar. Every car owner needs to fill their tires at some point or another. Without the right tire pressure machine, it can be a lot of guesswork. Well, Nissan has recognized that problem and is working to solve it by introducing the Easy-Fill Tire Alert System. Learn about how it works below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Why does my Nissan smell bad? 

Have you ever noticed a mysterious odor coming from somewhere in your car? Oh, it’s just that old fish you forgot about after a day on the water. Wait, something still smells funky. Take that trash bag out of your back seat. Man, how filthy is your car? Is there still a bad smell? Well, unless it’s just lingering from your nasty habits, it could be a problem with your Nissan. Keep reading to learn about what causes some bad odors in your car.  Read the rest of this entry >>

person fixing wiper blade

How to change your wiper blades

When your windshield wipers become ineffective, it is equally annoying and dangerous. If they have ever become damaged while driving in the rain, you know that your visibility is next to nothing. If that does happen to you, pull over as safely as possible, turn your hazards on, and wait for the rain to pass. If, however, you are fortunate enough to see that you need to replace your blades outside of a rainstorm, check out the following steps to making that happen.  Read the rest of this entry >>