Halloween Weekend in Tamuning Guam

What to do on Halloween weekend

If you don’t have kids (or if you do have kids and want a night away), going to bars in costume is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween. Everybody is in character and enjoying some drinks and just having a great time. Trick-or-treating is great for the kids, but the weekend before Halloween, you might want to spend it with the spouse or friends and get a little silly at some local bars. Continue reading to learn which Tamuning bars will be fun to go to on Halloween weekend! 

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Bars to go to on Halloween weekend in Tamuning, GU 

Being right on the water, Tamuning is open to great spots to drink and hang out with friends. Because of that, many of the city’s best bars and pubs are right on the ocean. For starters, Guam Beach Bar is an excellent spot. The name implies everything you need to know, and it sure is a fun place. Guam Beach Bar can be found at 96913 Gun Beach Rd. Get your costume on and head on down! 

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Another classic bar in Tamuning is Porky’s. Located on Pale San Vitores Rd., Porky’s is one of Guam’s highest rated bars. That is due in part to its famous cocktails and comfortable, causal atmosphere. 

If you go a bit south on Marine Corps Dr., you’ll find Horse & Cow. Not a horse and a cow, although who really knows? But Horse & Cow bar. This quaint pub is known for its welcoming vibe and delicious food and drinks. 

Any one of these places will make for a great time, so why not hit them all up? Halloween only comes around once a year, so go all out! But most importantly, stay safe. Drink, but don’t drive your Nissan home.  

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