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How Do I Protect My Car In A Tropical Climate?

Life in Guam is probably as close to paradise as most people will get. It’s sunny, always warm, and an island vacation dream spot. All that said, it’s not the perfect place to live, well at least if you’re a car it isn’t perfect. 

If you live in Guam then there are some extra things you need to check on to keep your car healthy. While sunny beach days might be more than refreshing for you, that heat can do some damage to your car along with other small hazards island life provides. We’ll go through some of the real basic stuff so you can keep your car in top shape. 

How Do I Protect my Car in Warm Weather? 

Whether it’s 20 degrees or 90 degrees, that temperature is going to have an effect on your car’s health. Car engines are meant to work with some heat, but extra warm weather can severely affect your oil and transmission fluids. It can essentially overbake the fluids and leave behind sludge deposits. Keeping an eye on your coolant level and switching to synthetic oil if possible can help fight back against those build ups. 

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Another easy thing to forget about is the salt build up from the ocean breeze that can damage your car. It’s easy enough to fix with some regular car washes and a wax coating if you want to take your protection to the next level. A fitted cover over your car can also go a long way towards keeping your car fresh. In general, if your car is facing extreme temperatures you want to be sure to check everything, tires, wiper blades, battery, anything on your car should be checked early and often so you can stay ahead of any problems. 

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