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How Far Can the 2019 Nissan Leaf Go on a Charge?

It’s all about maximizing your mileage these days and saving some time and money at the pump. We’re all looking for ways to save some money, the best option would be not having to fill up at the pump at all though. If it only that were a realistic option these days. 

Of course, that’s becoming more and more viable with advances in engine and battery technology. Nissan has had their Leaf model on the market for some time, but how far can it really go? Is it able to keep up with traditional engines in terms of range or mileage? 

2019 Nissan Leaf Range and Charging 

While a traditional engine might get you a bit further than the 2019 Nissan Leaf, you’ll save a lot more money by going fully electric. The Leaf has a range of around 150 miles, the actual mileage varies depending on usage, but there are a few ways to give yourself a little boost if you need to drive a bit longer. It has an available eco mode which will give you a small boost to your performance by increasing the regenerative braking system of your car. There’s also the B-mode which gives a slightly more aggressive boost to the regenerative braking system which will help charge the battery. 

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2018 Nissan Leaf charging ports

When you’re done for the night you can take advantage of quick charging at home. On the dashboard, you can also set a time to start and stop charging to take advantage of off-peak hours for electricity to help save you some money on the power bill. If you’re on the road then your dashboard can help find some quick charge stations to charge your car while you grab a quick bite to eat. 

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2019 Nissan Leaf at Nissan Guam 

If you want to give the 2019 Nissan Leaf then stop by our dealership and schedule a test drive. You can also call ahead with any questions and we’ll help however we can.