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How Long Does Nissan Warranty Coverage Last?

Nissan Warranty Coverage

Are you interested in learning more about the warranty coverage that comes with your new Nissan vehicle? If so, then the staff here at Nissan Guam is here to assist you today! We understand that sometimes warranty coverage can be confusing to customers. So, we are going to do a quick run-through of how long Nissan Warranty coverage lasts and which aspects of your Nissan vehicle it covers. Let’s get started!

Lengths of Nissan Warranty Coverage

New Nissan vehicles come standard with a few different warranties with varying lengths of coverage. Here is a list of the Nissan Warranty coverage lengths available:

  • Basic Coverage – 36 Months / 36,000 Miles
  • Corrosion Coverage – 60 Months / Unlimited Miles
  • Powertrain Coverage – 60 Months / 60,000 Miles
  • Federal Emission Performance – 24 Months / 24,000 Miles
  • Federal Emission Defect – 36 Months / 36,000 Miles
  • Federal Emission Long Term Defect – 96 Months / 80,000 Miles
  • Seat Belt – 120 Months / Unlimited Mileage

In all instances, the warranty coverage ends at whichever limit is hit first—months or miles. Now, let’s explore what aspects for your Nissan vehicle are covered by these warranty options!

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Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Nissan Federal Vehicle Emission Control Limited Warranty

Basic Coverage, Corrosion Coverage, and Powertrain Coverage are all a part of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The Basic Coverage applies to repairs on any aspects of the Nissan vehicle that is not listed as an exclusion or is not already covered by one of the other following warranty coverages. The Corrosion Coverage applies to any sheet metal panel on the Nissan vehicle that has rusted-through within the constraints of the warranty. Powertrain Coverage applies to any repairs involving the engine, transmission and transaxle, drivetrain, or restraint system.

The Federal Emission Performance, Defect, and Long Term Defect coverages are all part of the Nissan Federal Vehicle Emission Control Limited Warranty. The Defect and Long Term Defect coverages apply to any repairs need to correct defects that prevent your Nissan vehicle from meeting Federal Emissions Standards. The Performance coverage only applies if your Nissan vehicle fails to pass an emissions test and the failure will result in some penalty to you, like a monetary fine. Parts covered with this warranty include Fuel Injection System, Exhaust System, and many more.

If you would like to learn more about the Nissan Warranty coverages, then you should contact the staff here at Nissan Guam today!

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