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How to remove pet hair from your Nissan 

Driving around with our little furry friends is always a joy. The give us company, love, and attention, and they make otherwise boring drives more exciting. Unfortunately, they also tend to leave behind lots of hair. This hair really is harmless, but it sure is unsightly and it can have dire consequences for your future passengers who have bad allergies. Keep reading to learn how you can get that hair out of your car. 

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Ways you can get pet hair out of your car 

Vacuum cleaner

This one might be obvious, but that’s because it’s very effective. Take your Nissan to an industrial vacuum at any local carwash and the pet hair should be gone in a matter of seconds. 

Lint roller 

Pet owners should already be very familiar with lint rollers. This method is effective but only in short spurts. If you’ve used them before, you know that it doesn’t take much to fill up a sheet on a lint roll. The vacuum above likely left behind some stragglers, and a lint roller is a great way to take care of them. 

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Damp cloth 

This is a perfect way to go if you don’t mind getting your seats a tad wet. The hair immediately clings to the wet cloth with no effort at all. Wipe your seats down afterward with a dry towel and your interior will look good as new! 

Hair mat 

Now here’s a great idea. How about totally avoiding the hairy mess in the first place? A hair mat can be purchased at most department or automotive stores. Simply lay it across your seats and the hair will fall onto the mat instead. Carefully slide it out of the car and shake the hair off and you will be golden. Not as golden as your retriever, though.

REMEMBER: Don’t leave your pets in the car when it’s hot outsideKeep the air conditioning on for them if you have them with you or leave them home where they can be cool and comfortable. 

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