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Nissan Pre-Owned Certified Vehicles at Nissan Guam

Standards Set High for Nissan Pre-Owned Certified Vehicles

Purchasing a vehicle can be one of the most expensive investments that you make in your life. That’s why we suggest getting a high quality used vehicle. You can get the same reliability as a new vehicle but at a lower price. Here at Nissan Guam, we have several Nissan Pre-Owned Certified Vehicles for you to choose from. Keep reading to learn how we prepare our pre-owned certified vehicles to the highest standards.

Inspection and repair process

Nissan auto body shop technician holding clipboard and smilingWhen a vehicle is traded in, it must first go through an inspection. The first round is focused on aesthetic inspection. Our team will look for any body panels that need to be replaced, areas of rust and any interior damage. Any areas that need to be replaced or repaired are marked to note that it needs to be fixed. The second round of inspection is done by the service department. In this step of inspection, the technician will check the engine, brakes, cooling, electrical and other systems. The goal of this part of the inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is 100% running correctly and safe to drive.

After the vehicle has its exterior, interior and mechanical inspection done, the service department completes all needed repairs. All of our technicians are Nissan certified mechanics and will replace parts with genuine parts needed for the vehicle. Once all repairs are done and the vehicle meets Nissan quality and safety standards, it is put onto the Nissan Guam lot.

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Vehicle Factory Warranty

As a bonus, we also offer the factory warranty on any used vehicle that is still valid. If the vehicle is no longer under factory warranty, we give it a 30-day used car warranty. During that period, if a customer is not satisfied or has any concerns, our staff at Nissan Guam will fix the issue. If they would like to, the customer can request to see a report of the repairs done on the vehicle when it was traded in.

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, come and get it at Nissan Guam. We guarantee that you’ll find a high quality vehicle that meets your standards.