Nissan Ariya orange front side view in front of greenery

Is the Nissan Ariya an all-electric vehicle?

What is the all-new Nissan Ariya?

Did you hear? There’s a new Nissan model in town. Not only do we have its official world premiere video on a recent blog post, but we can tell you all about what it is, why it’s important, and more. If someone asks you what is the all-new Nissan Ariya, point them to this blog post!

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What does Ariya mean?

Why Nissan chose the name Ariya for their electric SUV is tough to tell or guess. The word has a lot of origins and has historically been used as a masculine name in a lot of forms. It often means honorable or noble one.

Recently, there has been a surge in the name’s usage due to the Game of Thrones character Arya Stark. Though the spelling differs, the names are etymologically related. Regardless of the reasons behind it, Nissan choose a unique, innovative, and futuristic name for their all-new SUV.

Nissan Ariya color options

Is the Ariya the first all-electric vehicle from Nissan?

If you think this is the first all-electric vehicle from Nissan, then you are mistaken. In fact, Nissan once made the Altra, and though only about 200 were ever produced, this all-electric vehicle predated the first Tesla model by over a decade.

The successor to the Altra was of course, the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf was the first mass-market all-electric vehicle ever developed with its initial release in 2010. The Leaf is still available in the lineup today with impressive performance of its own. The Leaf and the Ariya will be sold alongside one another.

Nissan Ariya dash and steering wheel

What are the advantages of an all-electric vehicle like the Ariya?

There are numerous advantages to the Ariya. Of course, to take advantage of your range, you can charge your Ariya up right at home off the grid, or you can use a network of chargers. An electric vehicle is also more eco-friendly than its gasoline counterpart. That’s because they produce zero harmful emissions.

Some may try to say that charging your car off the grid just shifts the generation of harmful emissions to some power plant somewhere else. In some cases, this may be true, but eventually, those power plants will have to change over to renewable or greener energy as well. Both pieces of the puzzle have to be put together for a greener tomorrow. The Ariya could be your first step.

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