Nissan Ariya orange back rear view

How far can the Nissan Ariya go on a charge?

What is the range of the new Nissan Ariya?

Do you want to know just how far the Ariya can go? What is the range of the new Nissan Ariya? We can provide some answers and insights into the range of this all-new electric SUV from Nissan. Know that these are all preliminary numbers but should give you some idea about the final design.

Nissan Ariya release date

Why is range important in electric vehicles like the Ariya?

Though it is a little strange that range is of big importance when it comes to electric vehicles like the all-new Nissan Ariya but not other gasoline models, we do understand why people are curious. Electric vehicles do take a little longer to charge than gas vehicles take to fill up on gas, but most people only travel a few dozen miles a day, and you can charge up overnight at home assuming you are properly equipped with a charger.

Nissan Ariya gauge cluster closeup view

Nissan Ariya expected range specifications

We went in-depth into a lot of the specifications of the Ariya recently including a quick look at the range. In truth, we don’t have a lot of numbers yet for the Ariya, but we do know that the long-range front-wheel-drive models are looking to achieve a range of approximately 300 miles.

That’s long enough to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Dallas to San Antonio, NYC to D.C. or even to crisscross Guam up to 10 times all on a single charge. In other words, for most drivers, this 300-mile range is more than enough to get the job done.

How long will the Ariya take to charge?

Charge times in a car vary based on a lot of conditions, just like charging a phone. For electric vehicles, we do usually get some charge time stats, but that is not typically info that you get with the world premiere of an electric vehicle, so though we have an idea of the color options available on the Ariya, we do not yet know how long it will take to charge.

You can expect a decent charge in less than an hour at a charging station and overnight charging at home should get you to near max capacity, but hopefully, official numbers on this will be available soon.