Why Does My Vehicle Overheat? Coolant Light

Why Does My Vehicle Overheat?

Living on Guam definitely has its advantages. Great history, beautiful beaches, extraordinary people just to name a few. But living where it’s hot all year can have its disadvantages.

At Nissan Guam, we want to make sure you know how to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Because of our warm climate, vehicles can be at a much higher risk of overheating than in other places around the world. If you don’t know what to do when your vehicle overheats, don’t worry. Your friends here in Tamuning are here to provide you with answers.

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Most Common Reasons


While this may seem like a no-brainer, when it’s hot, there’s a greater risk of engines overheating. Because of the warm temperature, a vehicle has to work harder in order to circulate air through the engine and interior when the AC is on. Adding a little extra coolant and/or radiator fluid should give your vehicle the extra boost that it needs.


There are many other factors that could contribute to your engine overheating. Usually, engines overheat because of leaking in either a hose, the radiator, water pump, head gasket or engine block. If your vehicle is low on oil your engine is also at risk of overheating, and we recommend adding some as soon as you can.


What to do if Your Vehicle Overheats


If you’re not close enough to a service station, there are a couple quick-fixes that may be able to keep your engine from overheating on the road.

  1. If you’ve been idling for a while and you notice the temperature beginning to rise, pull over, put your vehicle in park, and rev the engine a bit.
  2. Turn off the air conditioning, roll down the windows and crank the heat!
  3. Shut off your vehicle and open the hood to allow the hot air to escape.


Why Does My Vehicle Overheat? Coolant
Why Does My Vehicle Overheat? Open Hood


We cannot stress enough how dangerous an overheated engine can be. Be extra cautious when doing any sort of work under the hood if your engine temperature is high. Touching any of the parts could potentially burn you if they’re too hot. If you’re in need of a more reliable vehicle, check out our inventory online or give us a call here at Nissan Guam. Our wide selection of new and pre-owned models ensures that we have the perfect one for your family. You can even schedule a test drive from right here on our website!

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