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Transmission Flush in Guam

There are many fluids that you need to get changed and replaced. While you may remember to get your oil changed and replace your windshield wiper fluid, there is one fluid you may be forgetting about. Getting your transmission fluid flushed is an important service that should be done every 30,000 miles. While you may be changing your fluid, it may be time for a flush. If your vehicle is due for a transmission flush, schedule a service appointment at Nissan Guam. Our team will get your vehicle running smoothly in no time.

Schedule Service at Nissan Guam

Whether you need a transmission flush or another service, Nissan Guam is the best choice for you and your vehicle. Our service team is full of Nissan/Infiniti-certified and ASE Master technicians. Their high-level of training allows them to be well-equipped and ready for every service need. Our services include oil change, brake service, front end alignment and many more. Read out to schedule a service appointment at Nissan Guam today.

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What is a transmission flush?

A transmission flush is a process to remove any debris and sludge inside of the transmission. First, all of the oil in the transmission is removed. Then new oil, and occasionally cleaning solutions, are run through with a machine to push out the debris and sludge. Finally, the transmission gets filled with new and fresh oil. The average cost of a transmission flush is approximately $125 to $250.

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Why is it important?

While you can change the fluid in between services, this will not be as beneficial as a flush. Getting a transmission flush every 30,000 miles can help ensure that your automatic transmission has a long life. Additionally, keeping debris and sludge out can help to improve fuel economy and improve shifting. The fluid used in the transmission is thicker but as time goes on, it becomes thinner and will need to be replaced completely.

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What can happen if it’s not done?

If you don’t get a transmission flush regularly you may notice that your vehicle is not performing as well. You may start to hear grinding or other strange noises from the transmission. Shifting may become delayed or staying in the proper gear may become harder. If you’re driving and your vehicle jumps forward or backwards, that’s another sign your transmission fluid is full of contaminants. Your vehicle may also stall before moving.

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mechanic pouring oil into funnel