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Vehicle Checkup/Inspection in Guam

Our vehicles have many parts that keep them working and running smoothly. We keep these parts in top shape by getting them fixed, replacing them, or changing fluids. Outside of these regular service appointments, it can be hard to know when to get your vehicle fixed if you don’t know a lot about cars. This is where a vehicle checkup/inspection can be helpful.

If you want to know if your vehicle parts are running properly, schedule a service appointment at Nissan/INFINITI Guam in Tamuning, Guam today.

What’s included in a vehicle inspection?

There are a few areas that are inspected during a vehicle checkup. These areas are the most important to check because if there is an issue with one of them, it can lead to issues in another area. The main areas that are checked are the tires, brakes, coolant, oil, belts, and hoses. Once the inspection is complete, approximately 30 minutes, the mechanic will come out to meet you. They will tell you which parts are in good shape and which parts should be fixed in the near future. They will also let you know which parts will need to be regularly checked. After getting any parts fixed, it is a good idea to get another inspection to ensure that everything is running safely and smoothly.

Why is it important to get your vehicle inspected?

Not only does an inspection help make you aware of any problems, it will also ensure that you will be safe when driving. Running into problems when driving can lead to you being stranded, potentially in areas where there isn’t a service center nearby. This can also help you save money. By finding any issues before they become larger, you can avoid having to get an expensive fix later on. Whether you’re about to buy a car, or it’s been a year since you got your vehicle inspected, schedule an appointment at Nissan/INFINITI Guam today.

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