How to Make a Cardboard Nissan title and in image of a cardboard Nissan

How to Make a Cardboard Nissan Box Car

Need a kid-friendly activity for your little Nissan enthusiast? Get their creativity going with this fun tutorial on how to make a Cardboard Box Car! Here’s what you’ll need:

• Cardboard Box (large enough to fit your little one)
• Packing or Masking Tape
• Scissors or Box Cutter (adult supervision required!)
• Paint, Markers, Stickers or any other decorating supplies
• Glue
• Lots of Imagination!

You can also download these printable car parts that you can cut, color and glue to your car for the ultimate finishing touch.

When you’re finished, we want to see your creations! Post a photo of your Nissan box car to Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #nissanguamboxcar.