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wilderness trail leading to lake and mountains

What are some activities you can do outside while social distancing?

With many businesses closed down due to COVID-19, you may be feeling like you’re trapped inside of your house. However, you can still do activities outside. You may be wondering what you can do outside while social distancing. Luckily, there are many things you can do as long as you remain six feet away from other people. Check out our recommendations for how you can have fun while still following social distancing rules.

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woman hiking up dirt trail toward mountains

What are the best trails to hike in Guam?

Whenever it’s nice weather, there’s no better way to enjoy it than with a nice hike. You can enjoy the weather, explore nature and get a workout in with one activity. There are several options for hiking trails in Guam ranging from easy to hard for difficulty levels. To help you find the best one for you and your hiking partners, we are going to provide you with our suggestions on what trails are the best to hike in Guam. Read the rest of this entry >>

red neon eat sign in front of dark brick wall

What are the Best Chamorro Restaurants in Guam?

If you’re visiting Guam, there are several different activities you need to do. However, the one thing we highly suggest is trying some Chamorro food. Chamorro is the name for the native Guamanians. They are a mix of Spanish, Filipino, Mexican and many other European and Asian ancestries. Chamorro dishes include Kadon pika, Estufao, Eneska agaga and Chamorro bistek. So, what are the best Chamorro restaurants in Guam? Keep reading to find out! Read the rest of this entry >>

colorful ice cream in glass dishes

Ice cream shops on Guam 

We won’t ever tell anyone that there is a bad time for ice cream. No matter what time of year or time of day, ice cream is a perfect treat. Perhaps the best time for ice cream, though, is now. The hottest months of the always-hot year are here, so cool down with some delicious dairy treats. Check out some of our favorite ice cream shops on Guam below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

line of palm trees by beach

Best parks on Guam

Guam is not a large island. You already knew that. What you might not know about is Guam’s wide array of parks all across the island. Guam is one of the most beautiful territories in Oceania, and that’s saying a lot. You could take a weekend to explore all of the coastal sights on Guam, but for now, let’s talk about some parks and beaches you can visit on a day off.  Read the rest of this entry >>