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Nissan Guam leads the way in global employee survey

Is Nissan Guam a great place to work?

Every year, the entire Nissan Motor Co., Ltd owned companies are asked to participate in a global employee survey. The results of this survey are a great way to determine which Nissan organizations around the world are a great place to work. Is Nissan Guam a great place to work? It certainly is! Learn how well we did in the 2019 Global Employee Survey for the Nissan Group and learn how you can apply for a job with Nissan Guam today!

Results of the Nissan Global Employee Survey

Nissan Guam has surpassed benchmarks for employee engagement and enablement among all Nissan companies worldwide, as evidenced in the recent 2019 Global Employee Survey conducted by Nissan.

Nissan Guam’s scores were significantly above the scores of both Global and the North American region’s results, performing most favorably in the areas of providing a clear and promising company direction, employee performance management, and employee enablement.

What Nissan Guam has to say about its employee survey

“We strive to create an engaging environment for our employees and are proud the results show that our team feels invested and confident in their work,” said Nissan Guam President & CEO Van Shelly. “When any business has empowered employees, you can both feel and see the positivity, enthusiasm, and pride reflected in the way they interact with customers.”

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How to get a job at Nissan Guam

If you aspire to build a career with our award-winning team, then you can fill out our quick and simple application right online. Tell us all about yourself, and what would make you ideal for our team and our culture. If we think you would make a good fit with our team, and we have a position available, then you will be hearing from us very soon. We do offer training to build employee skills, advancement and career development within the organization and an attractive benefit package.

We thank you for considering Nissan Guam as part of your job search. If you have any questions about Nissan Guam, from buying and servicing a Nissan to asking about our community involvement and more, feel free to reach out to us today. We thank you for your interest.