What Nissan models have a manual transmission?

If you’ve ever driven stick, you know that it’s a wildly different experience than a traditional automatic transmission. It’s tough to explain, but there is just a special feel to driving a manual transmission. You have more control and you’re clearly the one manning everything about the car. A lot of cars come available with automatic and manual transmissions, but what about Nissan models? Continue reading for more information. 

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Manual transmissions on Nissan vehicles 

Just about every model in Nissan’s lineup comes with an available auto-manual transmission. However, only a few come standard or available with a fully-manual transmission. They are the 370Z, Frontier, Sentra, and Versa. Driving a stick shift can be tricky, but once you master it, it can be quite a thrill. What’s interesting and notable about the listed models the variety in which a manual transmission is included. The 370Z is a small, fast, sporty coupe; the exact type of car one might expect to find a stick shift. The Frontier is Nissan’s smaller pickup, the Sentra is a great midsize car, and the Versa features an automatic transmission inside its compact frame. You don’t have to drive an expensive sports roadster to enjoy the thrill of a stick shift. 

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What’s the difference between a manual and automatic transmission? 

We’re sure you’ve heard all about stick shifts and automatic transmissions, but what exactly is the difference? If nobody has told you, it might not just be some intuitive knowledge. A manual transmission features a stick shift that is used to literally change gears… manually. See? Manual transmission vehicles also have a clutch disc between the engine and transmission which needs to be released by using a third pedal at the driver’s feet in order to change gears. Automatic transmissions, which have become extremely popular after once being considered a luxury, do all that work for you. It is usually connected to the engine via a hydraulic torque converter. 

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