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Why is my Nissan Sentra vibrating?

Many drivers will feel irregular vibrations while behind the wheel. This is really a common occurrence that almost every kind of vehicle experiences. Most of the time, some vibrating and shaking isn’t something that is immediately detrimental to your car. With that said, you should still get your Sentra checked out if you feel it vibrating when it shouldn’t be. What causes the shaking and vibrating, though? Keep reading to learn about some possible explanations.

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Brake rotors 

One common cause of your Sentra’s shaking steering wheel is a busted brake rotor. Old or damaged brake rotors often cause the steering wheel to shake when braking. If your rotors are out of round, you will probably feel a shake or wobble in your brake pedal as well. Bring your Sentra in if you experience any of this because even a minor brake problem can be a sign of something worse to come. 


This is usually the most common cause of unwanted shaking. Unbalanced tires on your Sentra can cause the steering wheel to shake when you accelerate to 50 miles per hour. This shaking generally stops once you exceed 65 miles per hour because of the extremely fast rotations. If this is the diagnosed issue, get it fixed as soon as possible. If tires are unbalanced for long enough, the tires and wheels can succumb to damage. 

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Brake caliper 

A stuck brake caliper will always cause some bad vibration. Again, these vibrations are felt most strongly in the steering wheel. If this is the problem, the shaking will worsen as you increase in speed. The giveaway sign of your brake caliper sticking is a burning odor. 

Good thing that all of these issues are pretty easy to solve. Our trained and experienced mechanics will quickly see what the cause is and get it fixed in no time. Contact us if you have concerns about your Sentra! 

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